Create beautiful patterns

iSymmetry is a unique painting app for pattern design.

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A Tool for Artists

Design seamless patterns with expressive drawing tools


Supports all 17 kinds of repeating pattern.

Delightful Brushes

Choose from a range of expressive brushes. Designed for the Apple Pencil.

High Performance

Built with Metal, it’s blazingly fast.

iSymetry is a tool for artists

Seamless Patterns.

Create beautiful patterns with this fun and intuitive app.

iSymmetry is a unique painting app for pattern design. Every brush stroke is transformed by this delightful app

into beautiful never-ending designs. Create mind-bending kaleidoscopic designs and luxurious arabesque tilings.

The 17 Wallpaper Groups

Mathematicians have shown that there are only 17 possible ways to create a repeating pattern - known as the “Wallpaper Groups”. iSymmetry’s powerful pattern engine supports them all - which means you can create any type of pattern imaginable!